Germany-UK-Israel Call for students

Helmholtz, The British Council and Israel Data Science and AI Initiative - Exchange Program 2023 Call for Students 

Get to work with data scientists from Helmholtz’ leading research centers and data scientists from British universities on interesting projects in our exchange program.  

What is the exchange program? 

The purpose of this Summer Exchange is to bring together data science talent from associated institutions to work together on predefined research projects. These projects should advance the participant’s skill-set in research, information and data science methods. Principal investigators (PI) shall welcome the other institution’s participants in their labs and to their teams, and ensure that they have the necessary support and resources to succeed in their projects. The participating researchers shall share credit for the results of the project. This experience at each other’s institutions shall serve as the foundation for ongoing scientific collaboration between Helmholtz centers and Israel DS centers. 

The exchange program is open to Bachelor and Master students, as well as to doctoral researchers and postdocs from DS centers affiliated with IDSAI. At Helmholtz and the Universities from the UK the program is open to doctoral researchers and postdocs. 

What can participating data scientists expect? 

-Interesting and challenging data science problems that expand the participants’ skill-sets and knowledge of methodologies 

-Experienced scientists that mentor and support their professional development in data science methods and their applications.  

This exchange program is planned to take place in summer 2023 for six weeks  

-You will be traveling to your host in either Germany or the UK, spend time working with them on a project in their labs for six weeks onsite. 

The Israeli universities, through their Data Science research centers and faculty research funds, will cover living expenses for their participants’ six-week stay at a HIDA lab or at the UK hosting Labs. In return, HIDA finances Helmholtz participants’ stays at the DS centers in Israel. 


Join our Q&A session on April 18 on 17:00 and learn more about the program. 

How do I take part? 

In order to participate as a data scientist, please choose a project from the list below: 


Helmholtz Projects

Click on the ' + ' to learn more about the respective topics, the mentors and the conditions of participation.

UK Universities Projects

Click on the ' + ' to learn more about the respective topics, the mentors and the conditions of participation.

Apply now until May 8th 2023

Potential hosts will see your application form and will be able to invite you to take a part in their project. 

What’s the timeline? 

  • Q&A session April 18th 17:00 – Register here. 
  • Participants are informed by end of May. 
  • Projects/exchanges can start anytime thereafter. Onsite visits can take place until end of March 2024. 

Questions? Feedback? Send an email to  


About the Helmholtz Information & Data Science Academy ( 

HIDA – The Helmholtz Information & Data Science Academy – is Germany’s largest postgraduate training network in information and data science. We prepare the next generation of scientists for a data-heavy future of research. HIDA connects and serves as the roof to 6 newly founded data science research schools linked by a network of 14 national research centers and 17 top-tier universities across Germany. By 2025, these data science research schools will train over 250 fully funded doctoral researchers. The doctoral researchers will deepen their knowledge in data science methods and learn to combine knowledge from the six Helmholtz research areas – energy, earth and environment, health, aeronautics, space and transport, matter, and information – with data science methods. For these purposes, all doctoral researchers receive dual supervision in data science and their scientific domain. In addition, HIDA offers doctoral researchers and scientists attractive opportunities to obtain training and continuing education in a wide range of methods and to become part of an international data science network. 

About the UK Parties 

About the British Council (  

The British Council is the UK’s international organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities. 

We support peace and prosperity by building connections, understanding and trust between people in the UK and countries worldwide and have been working in Germany since 1959. 

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