IDSAI acts as a bridge between the local DS research centers and research organizations around the world which are focused on developing data science methodology and practice.

Research Fields

DS Related Fields


Artificial intelligence


Operations research


Game theory

Stochastic processes



Signal processing


Computational Biology

Digital Medicine





Quantum computation

Data base management and construction

Core Fields of data science


Methods for data collection by experiments, sampling and search engines

Methods for storing and making data available for analysis, including (distributed) computation based on database systems and big data

Developing data analysis methodologies such as Neural Networks and Deep Learning, reinforcement learning and adaptive control, statistical learning and inference

Developing models and algorithms for classification and prediction, including their validation and use for creating knowledge which is accessible (visualization)

Treatment of special data types such as image processing and computer vision, natural language processing, speech and audio

Analysis of network, longitudinal, spatial and temporal data, and survival analysis

DS Researchers

Family NameFirst NameRankResearch FieldsUniversityCore/DS Related Field
DaganIdoProfessorNLP Bar Ilan University Core
GannotSharonProfessorSpeech processing Bar Ilan University Core
ChechikGalProfessorDeep learning for image understanding Bar Ilan University Core
GoldbergerJacobProfessorDeep learning techniques for text, speech and medical imaging Bar Ilan UniversityCore
GoldbergYoavAssociate ProfessorNLP, Machine learning and deep learning Bar Ilan University Core
CohenReuvenProfessorTheory and applications of complex networks Bar Ilan University Core
LouzounYoramProfessorComputational immunology and graph-based machine learning Bar Ilan University Core
BaruchBarzelSenior LecturerNetwork dynamics Bar Ilan University Core
AmsterdamerYaelSenior LecturerManagement of data obtained via web-based platforms Bar Ilan UniversityCore
KrausSaritProfessorIntelligent agents and multi-agent systems )Bar Ilan University Related
PinkasBennyProfessorCyber security and cryptography )Bar Ilan University Related
KaminkaGalProfessorMulti-robot systems and intelligent social behavior )Bar Ilan University Related
LevanonErezProfessorGenetic information and RNA editing )Bar Ilan UniversityRelated
UngerRonProfessorComputational biology and bioinformatics )Bar Ilan University Related
EfroniSolAssociate ProfessorPersonalized cancer genomics )Bar Ilan University Related
MajorDan ThomasProfessorComputational chemistry, biochemistry and nanotechnology )Bar Ilan University Related
SenderowitzHanochProfessorQSAR, molecular modeling and chemoinformatics )Bar Ilan University Related
SchwartzDavid ProfessormHealth, knowledge management, social network analysis )Bar Ilan University Related
YaariGurAssociate ProfessorComputational biology, immunology and bioengineering )Bar Ilan University Related
GelbardRoyProfessor: Data mining and knowledge discovery Bar Ilan University Core
ShehoryOnnProfessorInformation systems, distributed AI and text mining. Bar Ilan University Core
LeshemAmirProfessorNetworks and game theory Bar Ilan University Core
OfranYannayProfessorFunctional genomics and systems biologyBar Ilan University
Oren PerezOrenProfessorEnvironmental regulation; transnational law and globalizationBar Ilan University
KaliskiTomerDoctorCellular heterogeneity of tissues and tumorBar Ilan University
KellerYosiAssocoate professorImage ProcessingBar Ilan University
ShahamUriDoctorMachine LearningBar Ilan University
RosenfeldArielDoctorArtificial Intelligence, human-agent interaction, multi-agent systemsBar Ilan University
TirerTomDoctorMachine LearningBar Ilan University
AgmonNoaDoctorautonomous agents and multi-robot systemsBar Ilan University
GorenTomDoctorGeographyBar Ilan University
Zhitomirsky-Geffet,MaayanDoctorData modelling, ontology construction and digital humanitiesBar Ilan University
AlonShaharDoctorBioinformaticsBar Ilan University
ShmidmanAviDoctorApproximate-matching algorithms and morphological disambiguation algorithms for historical Jewish studies textsBar Ilan University
MirskyReuthDoctorAIBar Ilan University
GreenbergYoelDoctorComputerized recognition of musical style, and computer-assisted musical analysisBar Ilan University
GlickmanOrenDoctorNLPBar Ilan University
GrinbergIlyaProfessorComputational modeling of catalysis and materials scienceBar Ilan University
LindenbaumOfirDoctorMachine LearningBar Ilan University
Frenkel-MorgensternMilanaDoctorCancer ResearchBar Ilan University
GoldbergNoamDoctorOptimizationBar Ilan University
KuglerHillelDoctorModeling and analyzing complex systemsBar Ilan University
CohenIzackDoctorData ScienceBar Ilan University
IlanyAmiyaalDoctorSocial network dynamics and communication in wild animalsBar Ilan University
SingerGonenDoctorData ScienceBar Ilan University
Lensky ItamarDoctorSatellite remote sensing, atmospheric sciences, surface temperature, radiation, heat, water and carbon budgets and their implications on agricultural crops and pests, evaporation, and epidemiologyBar Ilan University
FetayaEthanDoctorImage ProcessingBar Ilan University
HadasYuvalDoctorTransportation, including the interfaces to supply-chain management and logisticsBar Ilan University
PoratElyProfessorAlgorithmsBar Ilan University
SarneDavidDoctorArtificial intelligence, autonomous systems and multi-agent systemsBar Ilan University
BarzelBaruchAssociate professorNetworksBar Ilan University
Burov Stanislav (Stas)DoctorTransport properties in complex media, with applications to Physics, Biology and Computer ScienceBar Ilan University
SelaAyeletDoctorLawBar Ilan University
BashanAmirDoctorStatistical physics, networks and systems biologyBar Ilan University
ElmalechAvshalomDoctorCrowdsoursing Bar Ilan University
AyalonLiatProfessorGerontology and ageism, including application of text mining, social network analysis and data mining methods.Bar Ilan University
WeinbergAviDoctorData ScienceBar Ilan University
Tsarfaty Reut Associate ProfessorNLPBar Ilan University Core
PeerAsafDoctorPhysicsBar Ilan University Core
SomechAmitDoctorDatabasesBar Ilan University
Haleva AmirSharonDoctorCommunicationBar Ilan University
BartalAlonDoctorBioinformaticsBar Ilan University
MannorShieFull ProfessorMachine learningTechnionCore
Avigdor GalFull ProfessorData integration TechnionCore
HazanTamirAssistant ProfessorMachine learningTechnionCore
KeidarIditFull ProfessorFault-tolerant distributed and concurrent algorithms and systemsTechnionCore
KurlandOrenAssociate ProfessorInformation retrievalTechnionCore
MarkovitzShaulFull ProfessorMachine learningTechnionCore
ReichartRoiAssistant ProfessorNatural language processingTechnionCore
ShalitUriAssistant ProfessorCausal inference and machine learning for healthcareTechnionCore
SchusterAssafFull ProfessorDistributed and Scalable Deep LearningTechnionCore
AyelletTalFull ProfessorComputer visionTechnionCore
EladMichaelFull ProfessorSignal and Image ProcessingTechnionCore
FishbainBarakAssociate ProfessorEnviromaticsTechnionRelated
GarberDanAssistant ProfessorOptimizationTechnionCore
KarpasErezAssistant ProfessorArtificial intelligenceTechnionCore
KimelfeldBennyAssociate ProfessorDatabase theoryTechnionCore
TalmonRonenAssociate ProfessorStatistical signal processingTechnionCore
MeirReshef Assistant ProfessorAlgorithmic Game theoryTechnionCore
MeirRonFull ProfessorInformation processingTechnionCore
Shen-Orr ShaiAssociate ProfessorBuilding an integrated view TechnionRelated
TennenholzMoshe Full ProfessorMechanism Design for Data ScienceTechnionCore
AdmonArieFull ProfessorProteomicsTechnionRelated
MandelbaumAvishaiFull ProfessorData acquisitionTechnionCore
LammAyeletAssociate ProfessorEpigenetics processesTechnionRelated
SoudryDaniel Assistant ProfessorMachine learningTechnionCore
EytanDannyAssistant ProfessorMachine learning for healthcareTechnionRelated
WeihsDaphneAssociate ProfessorMechanobiology of cancer and woundsTechnionRelated
AzrielDavidAssistant ProfessorSequential designs in clinical trialsTechnionRelated
DerdikmanDori Associate ProfessorSystems Neuroscience dataTechnionRelated
DoriDovFull ProfessorData modelingTechnionCore
NavehEitanAssociate ProfessorIndustry 4.0TechnionCore
YaakobiEitanAssistant ProfessorCoding theoryTechnionCore
YahavEranAssociate ProfessorMachine learning for programming languages TechnionCore
Rennert, MD, PhDGadFull ProfessorWorking with very large clinical and genetic databasesTechnionRelated
YadgarGalaAssistant ProfessorStorage systemsTechnionCore
yom-TovGalit Assistant ProfessorService system analysisTechnionCore
GilboaGuyAssistant ProfessorImage processingTechnionCore
PeretsHagaiAssociate ProfessorBig dataTechnionCore
WolfensonHaguyAssistant ProfessorCell biology TechnionRelated
HaickHossamFull ProfessorNanomaterial based sensing platforms TechnionRelated
PoratIdanLecturerSpatial data TechnionRelated
KeslassyIsaacFull ProfessorMachine learning TechnionCore
CohenIsraelFull ProfessorDeep learning and applicationsTechnionCore
KahnItamarAssociate ProfessorMedical imagingTechnionRelated
CohenIzackAssistant ProfessorData-driven project managementTechnionCore
kehatizhakAssistant ProfessorGenopmics and epigeneticsTechnionRelated
KennedyJohnLecturerData science methods TechnionRelated
MartensKarelAssociate ProfessorAccessibility, mobilityTechnionRelated
RadinskyKiraAssistant ProfessorNLP, data miningTechnionCore
SilbersteinMarkAssistant ProfessorCompute / ML accelerators TechnionCore
Caspary TorokerMaytalAssistant ProfessorMachine learning for material designTechnionCore
Aharon GutmanMeiravAssistant ProfessorData driven social planningTechnionRelated
LindenbaumMichaelFull ProfessorComputer visionTechnionCore
Ben ChenMirelaAssociate ProfessorAnalysis of 3D Geometric Data TechnionCore
BarakMiriAssociate ProfessorLearning analyticsTechnionRelated
ZacksenhouseMiriamAssociate ProfessorReinforcement learningTechnionRelated
RosenbergNahumAssistant ProfessorOutcome of orthopedic surgeryTechnionRelated
Nathan KarinFull ProfessorT cell immunologyTechnionRelated
AilonNir Associate ProfessorTheory of AlgorithmsTechnionCore
KaplanNoamAssistant ProfessorComputational genomicsTechnionRelated
AmirOfraLecturerArtificial intelligenceTechnionCore
BarakOmriAssociate ProfessorTheoretical neuroscienceTechnionRelated
AleksandrowiczOrAssistant ProfessorRemote sensingTechnionRelated
RottenstreichOri Assistant ProfessorComputer networksTechnionCore
HazzanOritFull ProfessorData science educationTechnionCore
SacksRafaelFull ProfessorApplications of machine learning TechnionRelated
AckermanRakefetAssociate ProfessorHuman-computer interactionTechnionCore
SmorodinskyRannAssociate ProfessorGame theoryTechnionCore
AdlerRobert Professor EmeritusProbabilityTechnionCore
KimmelRonFull ProfessorGeometry learning unerstandingTechnionCore
LaviRonAssociate ProfessorOnline pricingTechnionCore
FriedmanRoyFull ProfessorStream processingTechnionCore
DalyotSagiAssistant ProfessorGeospatial data miningTechnionRelated
KvatinskyShaharAssistant ProfessorHardware for AITechnionCore
ShternShimritAssistant ProfessorData driven optimization TechnionCore
LauferShlomi Assistant ProfessorInternet of Things, sensors, data analysisTechnionCore
Shamai ShitzShlomoResearch ProfessorInformation theoryTechnionCore
OnnShmuelFull ProfessorDiscrete optimizationTechnionCore
SabachShohamAssistant ProfessorOptimizationTechnionCore
MichaeliTomerAssistant ProfessorComputer visionTechnionCore
ToledoTomerAssociate ProfessorTransportationTechnionRelated
Horowitz-KrausTzipiAssistant ProfessorFunctional MRITechnionRelated
IndelmanVadimAssistant ProfessorData driven approachesTechnionRelated
AllweilYaelAssistant ProfessorComputer visionTechnionRelated
GoldbergYairAssociate ProfessorStatistical theoryTechnionCore
J. GrobmanYasha Associate ProfessorSustainable architectureTechnionRelated
EtsionYoavAssociate ProfessorComputer systemsTechnionCore
ShechtmanYoavAssistant ProfessorMachine learningTechnionRelated
CassutoYuvalAssociate ProfessorData storageTechnionCore
Talgam-CohenInbal Assistant ProfessorAlgorithmic game theory and optimizationTechnionCore
TamarAvivAssistant ProfessorLearning SystemsTechnionCore
Yehuda LevyKfir Assistant ProfessorMachine LearningTechnionCore
RosenfeldNir Assistant Professor develop machine learning methods that take humans into accountTechnionCore
MikeKobyAssistant ProfessorData Science Education: Curriculum and pedagogyTechnionRelated
AlexanderBronsteinFull Professor3D acquisition and processing, deformable shape analysis and modelling, computer vision, machine learning, numerical geometryTechnionCore
BeharjoachimAssistant Professor Artificial Intelligence in MedicineTechnionRelated
BelinkovYonatanAssistant Professornatural language processing, focusing on issues of interpretability and robustnessTechnionCore
RomanoYanivAssistant ProfessorData science and machine learningTechnionCore
RazDannyFull ProfessorNetworking, Cloud - Computing, Network - ManagementTechnionCore
YizhakKerenAssistant ProfessorCancer GenomicsTechnionRelated
ShimkinNahumFull ProfessorReinforcement Learning,Stochastic Control, Optimal Trajectory Planning, Queueing SystemsTechnionCore
WeinbergerNir Assistant ProfessorInformation theoryTechnionCore
AberdamAviadAssistant Professormachine learning, optimization and signal and image processing, in particular inverse problems and sparse representations.TechnionCore
AkaviaAdiSenior lecturerSecurity, Cryptography, Safe Calculation, and Big Data algorithmsUniversity of HaifaCore
FeldmanDanSenior lecturerData reduction and summarization methods for big, streaming and distributed data University of HaifaCore
KerenDanielFull ProfProbabilistic Pattern RecognitionUniversity of HaifaCore
OsadchyMargaritaSenior lecturerMachine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Data PrivacyUniversity of HaifaCore
WintnerShulyFull ProfComputational linguisticsUniversity of HaifaCore
SagiTomerLecturerML-based dynamic prediction to data-integration tasks, schema matchingUniversity of HaifaCore
TreibitzTaliSenior lecturerUnderwater Imaging, Ocean Engineering, comp. vision, Computational photographyUniversity of HaifaCore
DattnerItaiSenior lecturerstatistical theory, methodology & learning dynamic systems, measurement error modelsUniversity of HaifaCore
DavidovOriFull Proforder restricted inference, rating & ranking methodsUniversity of HaifaCore
ReissPhilip TzviAssoc ProfPsychometricsUniversity of HaifaCore
CheloucheDoronAssoc ProfTime-series analysis, image reduction & comparison, statistical inferencing multivariate statisticsUniversity of HaifaRelated
LevineStephenFull ProfPsychometrics; EpidemiologyUniversity of HaifaRelated
DunkelmanOrrAssoc ProfCyber, PrivacyUniversity of HaifaRelated
KolodnyRachelSenior lecturerComputational Biology and BioinformaticsUniversity of HaifaRelated
PrivmanEyalLecturerBioinformatics & computational biology app-roaches to analyze high-throughput genomic dataUniversity of HaifaRelated
HershbergUriAssoc ProfGene expression& dynamics analysis of digital imaging experiments, high throughput sequencingUniversity of HaifaRelated
DiamantRoee Senior lecturerSignal processing for underwater acoustics, Quality assurance in big marine data, signal/object detection, AI for classification and segmentation of Sonar images, Algorithms for digital communications and network schedulingUniversity of HaifaRelated
ArazyOferAssoc Profcollaboration patterns in online production communities (e.g., Wikipedia)University of HaifaRelated
PelegMorFull ProfHealth informatics; Digital health; Clinical decision support systemsUniversity of HaifaRelated
Hel-OrHagitAssoc ProfComputational human behavior, image authen-ticity, forgery detectionUniversity of HaifaRelated
RabanDaphneAssociate professortopic modeling, agent-based modeling, network analytics.University of Haifa
HertzUriLecturerCollective decision making, Social influence, online experiments.University of Haifa
NewmanIlanFull professorFast big-data algorithms: Property testing, Coresets.University of Haifa
Ben-AsherYosiFull professoralgorithms to identify performance and energy bottlenecks in execution of big-data programs.University of Haifa
ShaltielRonenFull professorAlgorithms.University of Haifa
SaridAssafLecturerLong Run Growth, Comparative Development, Human Capital Formation, Income DistributionUniversity of Haifa
KligerDoronAssociate professorBehavioral Economics and Finance. Collecting and merging financial data, survey data, geographical data.University of Haifa
KosloffMickeySenior lecturerBioinformatics, cellular signaling, protein-protein interactions.University of Haifa
KuflikTsviFull professorFrameworks for data collection - text mining from Social Networks, Information extraction from the Web, big data visualization, Collecting evidence (user interactions) from mobile devices for User Modeling.University of Haifa
SofferPninaAssociate professorMethods for making data accessible for analysis - specifically log data for process mining.University of Haifa
LanirJoelSenior lecturerHCI, evaluation of Information visualization.University of Haifa
SomekhJudithLecturerStatistical & comput data analysis and stochastic networks in biomedicine.University of Haifa
MinkovEinatSenior lecturernatural language processing, text mining.University of Haifa
MokrynOsnatLecturerNetwork science; Online social networks; Social media text and data mining; Recommender systems; Computational social science; Computer networks.University of Haifa
ShimshoniIlanFull professorcomputer vision, 3D data analysis, applications for archaeology & medicine.University of Haifa
LaveeMosheSenior lecturerDigital humanities. Hand Written Text Recognition, Crowdsourcing.University of Haifa
SherDanielSenior lecturerBioinformatics, marine data, phenotypic analysis.University of Haifa
LehahnYoavSenior lectureroceanography, biophysical interactions, ocean-atmosphere interactions, remote sensing.University of Haifa
AdmonRoeeSenior lecturerStress vulnerability vs. resilience, fMRI, HRV.University of Haifa
Zilcha-ManoSigalAssociate professorprecision medicine and psychotherapy; mechanisms of change.University of Haifa
GoldsteinPavelSenior lecturerChronic Pain, Social Neuroscience, Biostatistics.University of Haifa
GoldenshlugerAlexanderFull professorAlgorithms for nonparametric inference, sequential decision making under uncertainty.University of Haifa
Vakulenko-LagunBellaLecturerdesign of experiments and methods for causal inference, selection bias, survival analysis and multi-state models.University of Haifa
AvniGuySenior LecturerGame theoryUniversity of Haifa
Okon-SingerHadasAssociate LecturerMachine-learning analysis of psychological dataUniversity of Haifa
ZoharMottiSenior LecturerGIScience, geostatistics.University of Haifa
RavnerLironSenior LecturerDS Statistical inference Queuing theory, Applied probability, Operations researchUniversity of Haifa
KleinItzikSenior LecturerData driven based navigation and sensor fusionUniversity of Haifa
FreedmanMichael LecturerTopic Models; Machine learning; Network Analysis;
Computational Text Analysis; Big Data
University of Haifa
Bar-MassadaAvi Senior LecturerEcological informatics, Species distribution modeling, Geospatial analysis, Spatial ecology, PyrogeographyUniversity of Haifa
ZamanskyAnnaAssociate LecturerAI in veterinary healthcare, AI in animal behavior and emotion analysisUniversity of Haifa
RosenbaumDanSenior LecturerComputer Vision, Structural Biology, Machine Learning, Probabilistic Models, Approximate InferenceUniversity of Haifa
Weissman-FogelIritAssociate LecturerfMRI network analysis; EEG signal processing,
Brain, Pain, and Behavior
University of Haifa
BrookAnnaSenior LecturerSpectroscopy and Remote Sensing, Deep Learning University of Haifa
BenjaminiYuvalsenior lecturerInference for High-throughput experimentsThe Hebrew University of JerusalemCore
ShahafDafnaAssociate Professor Data ScienceThe Hebrew University of JerusalemCore
WeissYairProfessorHuman and Machine VisionThe Hebrew University of JerusalemCore
WeinshallDaphnaProfessorComputer and Biological Vision, Machine and Human learningThe Hebrew University of JerusalemCore
DanielyAmitsenior lecturerThe Foundation of Machine LearningThe Hebrew University of JerusalemCore
GavishMatansenior lecturerHarmonic Analysis, Applied Math, Statistics and ComputingThe Hebrew University of JerusalemCore
TishbyNaftaliProfessorMachine Learning, Computational BiophysicsThe Hebrew University of JerusalemCore
ElidanGalAssociate ProfessorStatistical Machine LearningThe Hebrew University of JerusalemCore
MandelMichaProfessorMedical and Biological Applied StatisticsThe Hebrew University of JerusalemCore
ZuckerDavidProfessorInference for Medical ResearchThe Hebrew University of JerusalemCore
RappoportAriProfessorNatural language processingThe Hebrew University of JerusalemCore
WermanMichaelProfessorComputer Vision, Geometric and Statistical Algorithms The Hebrew University of JerusalemCore
Cohen SaraProfessorTheoretical and Practical Aspects of Database Management SystemsThe Hebrew University of JerusalemRelated
CarmiShaisenior lecturerStatistical and Population GeneticsThe Hebrew University of JerusalemRelated
HerrmannIttaisenior lecturerRemote and Proximal Sensing of VegetationThe Hebrew University of JerusalemRelated
SheaferTamirProfessorPolitical Behavior and Media EffectsThe Hebrew University of JerusalemRelated
BadenChristianAssociate ProfessorCollaborative Meaning and Algorithmic Text AnalysisThe Hebrew University of JerusalemRelated
NathanRanProfessorBehavioral Ecology and Mechanisms of Animal NavigationThe Hebrew University of JerusalemRelated
CarmelLiranAssociate ProfessorAncient DNA and Molecular EvolutionThe Hebrew University of JerusalemRelated
ArzyShaharAssociate ProfessorComputational NeuropsychiatryThe Hebrew University of JerusalemRelated
FriedmanNirProfessorComputational Systems BiologyThe Hebrew University of JerusalemRelated
KaplanTommyAssociate ProfessorComputational Biology, Machine LearningThe Hebrew University of JerusalemRelated
NivMashaAssociate ProfessorMolecular Recognition and Chemical SensesThe Hebrew University of JerusalemRelated
EldarEransenior lecturerCognitive Computational Neuroscience, Learning and Decision Making AlgorithmsThe Hebrew University of JerusalemRelated
ShayTal Senior LecturerBioinformatics and computational biology Ben Gurion UniversityRelated
ZigelYanivDoctorspeech and audio analysis, biomedical signal processing, and pattern recognitionBen Gurion University
marksRobertProfessorBiosensors Ben Gurion University
ShrikiOrenDoctorComputational neuroscience Ben Gurion University
MiloAnatDoctorapplicative machine learning for uncovering chemical reaction mechanisms and Ben Gurion University
AkabayovBarak DoctorDoctorug discovery, computational analysis of experimental data Ben Gurion University
Yeger-LotemEstiProfessorBioinformatics Ben Gurion UniversityRelated
AvinChenAssociate Professor Social Network Analysis Ben Gurion UniversityCore
SegalMichael ProfessorNetwork Analysis Ben Gurion University
kontorovichAryehAssociate Professor Machine Learning Ben Gurion UniversityCore
BerendDanielProfessorStatistics, Machine Learning Ben Gurion University
GudessEhud ProfessorData mining, Data security, Ben Gurion University
SabatoSivanAssociate Professor Machine Learning Ben Gurion UniversityCore
HendlerDanny ProfessorCyber security Ben Gurion UniversityRelated
BeimelAmos ProfessorSafe computing on big data Ben Gurion University
Ben ShaharOhad ProfessorComputer VisionBen Gurion UniversityCore
NeimanOferProfessorGraph Algorithms for massive data Ben Gurion University
ElkinMichaelProfessorGraph sparsification, lowdistortion embeddings, distributed algorithms, streaming algorithms Ben Gurion University
FreifeldOren DoctorComputer Vision; Machine Learning Ben Gurion University
DolevShlomi ProfessorBig data - compressed representation, privacy, distributed computing Ben Gurion University
BrafmanRonenProfessorAI planning Ben Gurion University
SipperMoshe Professorevolutionary algorithms, machine learning, artificial intelligence Ben Gurion University
Shlomo ShimonyEyal ProfessorAI Ben Gurion University
SharfAndreiProfessorimage processing, video processing, depth image processing, 3D shape analysis, 3D shape retrieval and matching, 3D shape semantics, co-analysis Ben Gurion University
KaesarChenDoctorComputational Structural Biology and bioinformatics in general. Ben Gurion University
FismanDana DoctorAutomata Learning, Learning for Program Verification Ben Gurion University
BachmatEitanProfessorAnalysis of healthcare data, operations research, optimization of large systems Ben Gurion University
TreisterEran DoctorDeep Learning for imaging applications. Ben Gurion University
WeissGera DoctorSoftware Engineering, Control Systems, Internet of Things (IoT) Ben Gurion University
El SanaJihad ProfessorImage processing, pattern recognition, machine learning Ben Gurion University
ElhadadMichaelAssociate Professor Natural Language Processing Ben Gurion UniversityCore
KodishMichaelProfessorSAT based constraint solving techniques (reasoning with millions of clauses) Ben Gurion University
Ziv-UkelsonMichalProfessorBioinformatics, biological data analysis and pattern discovery Ben Gurion University
RollUriDoctorText analysis, data mining, data-basing, machine learning Ben Gurion University
LazarovitchNaftali ProfessorAgricultural system models Ben Gurion University
Lichtman-SadotShirleeDoctorApplied micro-economics - health, education and labor economics Ben Gurion University
JustmanMosheProfessorEconomics of education Ben Gurion University
van der BeekKarineDoctorEconomic growth, economic history data analysis Ben Gurion University
GalilkoreshDoctorTime-Series Analysis, Survival Analysis, Panel Data Analysis, Ben Gurion University
RigbiOrenDoctorBig Data in Industrial Organization, Law & Economics Ben Gurion University
EilatRan DoctorInformation economics Ben Gurion University
VilenchikDanDoctorOnline social networks, random matrix theory, sparse models Ben Gurion University
RouttenbergTirzaDoctorsignal processing and optimization in smart grid, statistical signal processing, estimation and detection theory, data science, and graph signal processing.Ben Gurion University
CohenKobi DoctorStatistical inference and learning, multi agent learning, Ben Gurion University
OrensteinYaronDoctorBioinformatics Machine learning applications to biological data Ben Gurion University
PermuterHaimProfessorInformation Theory -Sequential Prediction of data -Markov Decision Process and Reinforcement Learning -Speaker recognition Ben Gurion University
SternAdrianProfessorComputational Imaging Ben Gurion University
YitzhakyYitzhakDoctorImage Processing Ben Gurion University
SavorayTalProfessorGeoinformatics Ben Gurion University
Ben EliaEran DoctorHuman mobility patterns and transportation systems Ben Gurion University
Moran-GiladJacobProfessorEpidemiology Ben Gurion UniversityRelated
RubinEitanSenior LecturerPrecision medicine Ben Gurion UniversityRelated
HertzTomerDoctorComputational approaches to systems immunology Ben Gurion University
SchwartzYigalProfessorDigital humanities, computational analysis of Hebrew literature Ben Gurion University
Bar Asher SiegalMichal ProfessorRabbinics, Babylonian Talmud, Jewish-Christian interactions, Early Christianity, Monasticism, Syriac Christianity, religious studiesBen Gurion University
BerchenkoYakir DoctorStatistical analysis of medical data Data science and statistics Ben Gurion University
OronGideon ProfessorOperations research in environment and water systems. Ben Gurion University
Oron-GiladTal ProfessorInformation visualization and decision making systems Ben Gurion University
NissimNirDoctorCyber security Ben Gurion University
ParmetYisrael ProfessorStatistics, empirical modeling, Ben Gurion University
BermanSigal ProfessorRobotics, Motor control Ben Gurion University
EvenAdirDoctorData / Information Management Ben Gurion University
LernerBoazAssociate ProfessorComputer vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning Ben Gurion UniversityCore
LevOmerDoctorVoting and decision-making and crowd-activities Ben Gurion University
MorvinskiCobyDoctorBehavioral economics Ben Gurion University
MakovGuyProfessorMachine learning for Materials Science Ben Gurion University
OserJenniferDoctorMeta-analysis of online digital media use and political participation Ben Gurion University
AvidanGalia ProfessorNetwork properties of the neural mechanisms underlying visual perception in the human Ben Gurion University
TsurOrenDoctorNatural Language Processing Social Network Analysis Computational Social Science Ben Gurion University
LastMarkProfessorTime-Series Analysis, Natural Language Processing Ben Gurion UniversityCore
KalechMeir DoctorTime-Series Analysis, Anomaly Detection, Diagnosis Ben Gurion University
EloviciYuval ProfessorCyber Security Ben Gurion UniversityRelated
SternRoniProfessorArtificial Intelligence, Heuristic search, Automated diagnosis, Automated planning, multi-Ben Gurion University
FelnerAriel ProfessorAI Ben Gurion UniversityRelated
ShabatiAsafDoctorCyber security Ben Gurion University
ShapiraBracha ProfessorText Analytics, Recommender Systems Ben Gurion UniversityCore
KatzGiladDoctorMachine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning Ben Gurion University
ShaniGuy DoctorRecommender Systems, Image Analysis, Precision Agriculture Ben Gurion University
MaimonMeirav DoctorInformation Visualization Ben Gurion University
elyasafAchiyaDoctorEvolutionary Algorithms Ben Gurion University
shmiloviciArminDoctorMachine Learning Ben Gurion University
SturmArnonProfessorKnowledge graphs, knowledge management, database management Ben Gurion University
ZaritskyAssafDoctorComputational Biology Ben Gurion University
Veksler-LublinskyIsana DoctorBiological data analysis Ben Gurion University
GalKobiProfessorEducational Data Mining, Time-Series Analysis, Natural Language Processing, Learning Ben Gurion University
RokachLiorProfessorMachine Learning, Deep Learning Ben Gurion UniversityCore
FireMichaelDoctorbig data, machine learning, social network analysis, and security and privacyBen Gurion University
SegalMichael ProfessorNetwork Analysis Ben Gurion University
PuzisRamiDoctorComplex Networks Analysis Ben Gurion University
MoskovitchRobert Senior LecturerBiomedical Informatics, Cyber Security Ben Gurion UniversityRelated
OrenYossi DoctorMachine Learning Ben Gurion University
ShaharYuval ProfessorBiomedical Informatics, Cyber Security Ben Gurion UniversityRelated
PerryZvi Senior LecturerEpidemiology Ben Gurion UniversityRelated
AzencotOmriDoctorDeep learning modeling of time-series dataBen Gurion University
shapirastavDoctorDisaster and emergency managementBen Gurion University
CohenLironDoctorDeep connection between proofs and computationBen Gurion UniversityCore
Pardo SharonProfessorLegal and political dimensions of European Union foreign and security policyBen Gurion University
EinzigerGil DoctorSecurity, real-time analytics, adversarial machine learning, data-driven algorithmsBen Gurion University
Yeshua-KatzDaphna ProfessorComputer-mediated support, online communities and stigmaBen Gurion University
ResnikJennifer Senior LecturerNeuroscience- sensory processing and perceptionBen Gurion University
RappoportNadav Senior LecturerBig Biomedical Data Science; Machine Learning; Population Genetics; Medical InformaticsBen Gurion University
DonchinOpher Professorbrain ScienceBen Gurion University
Bilik Igal DoctorStatistical Signal processing for Autonomous Driving · Deep Learning -based Radar processing · Bio-inspired sensing · Array signal Processing · Massive MIMO radar · Sparse sensor arrays · Sensor fusion for autonomous drivingBen Gurion University
ShlezingerNir Professor Machine learning  Signal processing  Wireless communications  Information theoryBen Gurion University
ScalosubGabrielDoctorElectrical and computer engeneeringBen Gurion University
ElishcoOhad DoctorCoding for constrained systems, Coding for distributed systems, Information theory in biology (DNA-based storage), Stochastic processes, Symbolic dynamics, Ergodic theoryBen Gurion University
TodrosKobyDoctorStatistical signal processing and machine learning with focus on the following topics: • Semi-parametric detection and estimation. • Adaptive filtering. • Uniformly optimal estimation in the non-Bayesian theory. • Blind source separation. • Biomedical signal processingBen Gurion University
KloogItai Professorexposure assessment, Geospatial data science , environmental epidemiology, Geo statistical modelingBen Gurion University
CitronZviDoctorDepartment of physicsBen Gurion University
PilosofShai DoctorEcology & Evolution, Complex System, Network Science, Data ScienceBen Gurion University
BarashDannyProfessorComputer scienceBen Gurion University
Arnon ProfessorProcessing of spaceborne, airborne, and ground spectroscopic data of drylands concerning desertification and climate change processesBen Gurion University
PinterYuvalDoctorComputer scienceBen Gurion University
Cohn-SchwartzElla Doctorthe changes in social networks in old age and their implications for mental health, the social contexts of ageism and self-perceptions of aging and the effects of the social environment on cognitive agingBen Gurion University
DoronDeanDoctorComputer scienceBen Gurion University
ReggevNiv DoctorHis research uses big data (with an emphasis on Natural Language Processing), neuroscience, and behavioral methodologies to investigate social behavior. In particular, Niv is interested in how stereotypes and other forms of social expectations manifest in perceptions and behaviors to give rise to societal phenomenaBen Gurion University
TolpinDavidDoctorComputer scienceBen Gurion University
Grinberg Nir Associate ProfessorComputational social science, machine learning, natural language processing, statistics, mixed methods, human-computer interactionBen Gurion University
SorekShaul ProfessorNumerical methods; Transport phenomena in heterogeneous media; Shock waves through porous media; Decision support systems for water resources managemetBen Gurion University
DonchinOpherProfessormotor control, motor learning,computational models of the motor system,physiology of the motor system,statictics,state space modelsBen Gurion University
PinterYuval DoctorNatural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics, Deep Learning.Ben Gurion University
MaidenbaumShacharDoctorBiomedical EngineeringBen Gurion University
HadarOfer ProfessorCommunication Systems EngineeringBen Gurion University
OrensteinYaronDoctorBioinformatics Machine learning applications to biological data Ben Gurion University
Ben EliaEranDoctorHuman mobility patterns and transportation systems Ben Gurion University
PakmanAriDoctorIndustrial Engineering and ManagementBen Gurion University
HillelBar-GeraProfessorIndustrial Engineering and ManagementBen Gurion University
MizrahiItzhakProfessorLife sciencesBen Gurion University
KatsYevgenyDoctortheoretical particle physics, primarily in particle physics phenomenology in the context of experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. One of his interests is machine learning methods for LHC data analysis.Ben Gurion University
KesslerYoavProfessorPsychologyBen Gurion University
SchwartzTalia MeitalDoctorSocial WorkBen Gurion University
ShperbergShahafDoctorSoftware and Information Systems EngineeringBen Gurion University
MosheiffJonathanDoctorComputer ScienceBen Gurion University
MoskovitchYuvalDoctorComputer ScienceBen Gurion University
DarYehudaDoctorComputer ScienceBen Gurion University
SulemEliorDoctorComputer ScienceBen Gurion University
Reiner-BenaimAnatDoctorSchool of Public Health, Faculty of Health SciencesBen Gurion University
DavidYossiDoctorCommunication Studies Ben Gurion University
KorenMoranLecturerGame theory, focuses on questions in the intersection between economics and AIBen Gurion University
KarabchevskyAlinaProfessorSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringBen Gurion University
BasriRonenProfessorComputer vision, especially image segmentation, shape reconstruction, and object recognition. Design of computer vision algorithms, their analysis, and their implementation through learning systems Weizmann Institute of ScienceCore
EldanRonenSenior ScientistHigh dimensional phenomena in probability theory, geometry, learning theory and computation, theoretical foundations of data science and machine learning Weizmann Institute of ScienceCore
EldarYoninaProfessorGeneration, acquisition, representation, transmission and analysis of signals using mathematical theory and methods; algorithms and applications of machine learning to medical imaging, communication systems, radar design, and healthcare. Weizmann Institute of ScienceCore
IraniMichalProfessorComputer vision and video information analysis; internal statistics of natural images and videos; deep learning with limited training data; analysis of fMRI data Weizmann Institute of ScienceCore
KrauthgamerRobertProfessorAnalysis of algorithms, particularly for processing massive data sets, sublinear algorithms (streaming, sketching and sampling), dimensionality reduction, approximation algorithms and average-case analysis Weizmann Institute of ScienceCore
LipmanYaronAssociate ProfessorGeometric processing and analysis of three-dimensional data such as: 3D point clouds (RGBD images), triangular meshes, and volume scans; optimization, geometric deep learning, computational anatomy/biology Weizmann Institute of ScienceCore
NadlerBoaz Associate Professormathematical statistics, statistical machine learning, applied mathematics, applications in optics, signal and image processing Weizmann Institute of ScienceCore
RothblumGuyAssociate ProfessorSocietal aspects of data analysis. Privacy-preserving data analysis and differential privacy, fairness, transparency. Proof of correctness in statistical analysis and machine learning; Weizmann Institute of ScienceCore
ShamirOhad Associate ProfessorLearning theory, in particular deep learning; learning and optimization; learning under information constraints Weizmann Institute of ScienceCore
UllmanShimonProfessorComputer vision and artificial intelligence, with focus on high-level vision and scene understanding, including supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms, network models for vision and cognitive processes Weizmann Institute of ScienceRelated
AlexandronGiora Senior ScientistEducational data mining, AI in education. machine learning for gaining insight into human learning, improving interactive learning environments; mechanisms for personalized learning Weizmann Institute of ScienceRelated
AlonUriProfessorDesign principles of biological circuits (computation and experimental approaches); development of algorithms for analyzing electronic medical records, image databanks, gene expression, and other large datasets Weizmann Institute of ScienceRelated
BarkaiNaamaProfessorMathematical models of gene and protein networks; systems biology-based analysis of vast data sets related to embryonic development, and evolutionary optimization of gene regulation Weizmann Institute of ScienceRelated
FlashTamarProfessorBiological motor control and robotics; computational neuroscience; mathematical modeling of organizational principles behind biological motor control Weizmann Institute of ScienceRelated
GrossEilamProfessorDeep learning in particle physics; using geometric deep learning to distinguish between heavy and light quarks and measure Higgs decay to Charm in CERN-ATLAS study of Higgs Boson Weizmann Institute of ScienceRelated
KorenIlanProfessorClouds’ role in climate and climate change; cloud-aerosol interactions; 2D and 3D computer vision and pattern recognition; computational modeling and statistical approaches for climate data and measurements Weizmann Institute of ScienceRelated
OfekEranAssociate Professor Algorithms and instrumentation for observational astrophysics; design and construction of telescopes; use of advanced data science techniques to analyze transient celestial phenomena Weizmann Institute of ScienceRelated
PazRony Associate Professor Learning in neuronal networks, electrophysiological and behavioral studies; learning theory using machine learning and statistical approaches Weizmann Institute of ScienceRelated
PilpelYitzhakProfessor Computational and experimental study of genomes and biological systems; synthetic biology; genome engineering Weizmann Institute of ScienceRelated
SchneidmanEladProfessorDesign and function of neuronal and other biological networks; study of neuronal populations (development and function) using statistical physics, machine learning, and information theory. Weizmann Institute of ScienceRelated
SegalEran Professor Computational and systems biology; nutrition, microbiome, and gene regulation; Application of machine learning to personalized nutrition/medicine. Weizmann Institute of ScienceRelated
TanayAmos Associate Professor Single cell genomics and computational biology; electronic health record modeling and analysis Weizmann Institute of ScienceCore
GlobersonAmirProfessorMachine learning, natural language processing, machine vision.TAUCore
FederMeirProfessorInformation Theory, Learning and prediction, Communication, Signal processingTAUCore
RossetSaharonProfessorStatistical learning, statistical genetics, modern statistical methodsTAUCore
WolfLiorProfessorDeep learning, computer vision, audio processingTAUCore
NevoDanielSenior LecturerStatistical methods, Causal Inference, Survival Analysis and Biostatistics in genrealTAUCore
GiryesRajaSenior LecturerDeep learning (theory and practice), signal and image processing, computational imaging TAU
ToledoSivanProfessornumerical linear algebra, location estimation, wildlife tracking and sensing, combinatorial scientific computingTAU
YovelYossiAssociate ProfessorBiostar, acoustics and navigation TAU
BendoryTamirSenior LecturerThe mathematics of data science, Signal processingTAU
PainskyAmichaiSenior Lecturerstatistics, statistical learning, machine learning, data mining and information theoryTAU
SuissaOmriDoctorNLP, Machine Learning and Deep LearningBar Ilan University
Gilad-BachrachRanAssociate ProfessorMachine learning , ML applications for health and well-being, Deep learning, Technology to support behavioral changes , Private-AI, Ethical aspects of AI TAU