The International AI Archeology Challenge

Tuesday April 26 - Wednesday April 27, 2022



Challenge Completed Successfully!

Thank you to all the participants for your hard work.

Congratulations to the winning team!
Team #4 led by Yi Wang, Chenying Liu (from Helmholtz/DLR) and Dheeraj Sharma (from Banaras Hindu University).

Many thanks to all the mentors, Helmholtz' Information and Data Science Academy (HIDA) and the Ben-Gurion University team for such a wonderful contribution to the International AI Archeology Challenge. And thanks also to the technical backup by Efrat Maimon from the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management at the Technion.

Some souvenir pictures can be found here.

Hope to see you at the next Challenge.


Organizing Committee:

Professor Arnon Karnieli, Ben Gurion University

Professor Mark Last, Ben Gurion University

Micha Silver, Ben Gurion University

Arti Tiwari, Ben Gurion University

Aviv Cohen, Ben Gurion University

Ricky Avivit Shama, Ben Gurion University

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