Professor Emeritus Paul Feigin joined the Technion in 1976He completed his Ph.D from the Australian National University in 1975.

Professor Feigin is a statistician who has contributed to theory and application of data analysis in a variety of fields. His research covers areas such as inference for stochastic processes, nonparametric statistics, statistical analysis of genetic data, and analysis of customer patience in call centers. He applies modern methods of forecasting and data-mining (now called Machine Learning) as well as design and analysis methods used in clinical trials. He is an elected fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics and of the International Statistical Institute.

Alongside his academic activities he has earned extensive experience in consulting for medical companies such as Teva Pharmaceuticals and MeMed. For over a decade he served as the scientific director of TechnoSTAT, a statistical consulting company. Together with the late Prof. Ayala Cohen, he established the Technion Statistical Laboratory which he has returned to lead.

Professor Feigin served as the Technion’s Senior Executive Vice President (2007 – 2013), the Technion Vice President for Strategic Projects (2013 – 2016) and as the Assistant to the Technion President for Strategic Projects (2016-2018). He earlier served as Dean of The William Davidson Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management (1999–2002).

He was recently appointed as the Director of the Israel Data Science and AI Initiative (IDSAI), an umbrella body established to coordinate the activities of the seven university Data Science Research Centers as well as to advance the field of data science through interfacing with government, industry and international organizations.